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Moderator Rules

Post by KomachiHime-sama on Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:16 pm

In order to protect the rights of all posters these rules for mods will be put into place.

1.) Mods may not ban any person for any reason they want to on the spot. If the a person is breaking forum rules but is a first time offender, and depending on the seriousness of the offense in question, a mod must consult all other mods or at least one other mod before action is taken.

2.) If there is more than one person involved in breaking forum rules all parties must be dealt with fairly and according to the severity of the offense.

3.) If a mod is directly attacked, or if a mod is involved in breaking forum rules or Moderator rules, another mod must step in to assess the situation and help decide what actions to take depending on the severity of the offenses.

Our current Admins/Mods are as follows:
~Cheza (Creator/Admin)
~Solar Crimson (Admin)
~KomachiHime-sama (Admin/Mod)
~freedom's_guardian (Ghost Mod)
~Aesthetic Eve(RP Forum Mod)

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