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Expedition Impossible!

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Expedition Impossible!

Post by MoonDoggie on Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:09 am

What happens when you take ordinary people on an impossible journey? You have Expedition Impossible, which made its premiere Thursday night. It is a journey of courage, teamwork, and character for 13 teams. This new show was created by Mark Burnett who is also the brains behind Survivor. The show is hosted by Dave Salmoni. The teams go on the biggest adventure of their lives to cross the finish line and earn $150,000 and three brand new Ford Explorers. To do that, they will have to cross hot deserts, climb steep mountains, and manage the raging river.

The 13 teams are Fab 3, the Cops, the Country Boys, NY Firemen, the Gypsies, Latin Persuasion, Football Players, Mom's Army, the Fishermen, No Limits, Grandpa's Warriors, Team Kansas, and California Girls. They start out in the deserts of Morocco where only the strong survive the heat and exhaustion.

i laughed my butt off when one of the latin girls said "your in the sahara desert! there is sand everywhere, yo!" XD
i want no limits to win cuz the have a blind guy with them.

so if you watched it what do you think?

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