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C.O.D. MW2

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C.O.D. MW2

Post by freedom's_guardian on Tue May 17, 2011 2:50 pm

this game was the peak of the COD franchise. . . the multiplayer was amazing the killstreaks were awesome and the storyline was just great (for as short as it was). the downside i give to the game was the fact that there was no recoil and the respawns were terrible. . .

in all i give this game a 9.5 out of 10 and even though black ops is addicting and the game is balanced i like MW2 more

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Re: C.O.D. MW2

Post by Gunner on Mon May 23, 2011 2:53 am

well might as well my post my opinion too on the game btw I respect yours completely Smile

If I went by a star review i would give it after more than 15 in game days of playtime 2.5 stars out of 4.Visually it was stunning where the game takes the player and the gun models were impressive as well but the multiplayer was just all over the place and what i mean is there were so many exploits out there for people to take advantage of such as the Javelin glitch .

this and a care package exploit that a allowed for multiple killstreaks made me not play the game for a month after a few weeks of the game being out due to many confrontations with players performing them.I remember one domination match were my teammates started countering the Javelin glitchers by javelin glitching themselves so it turn almost into one big counter explosion fest. I never did it myself for fear of being banned, that and i tried to see if i could survive the blast with a blast shield and riot shield Razz One issue that was still prevalent and i believe wasn't fixed was boosting which is when two people meet at one location on the map and kill each other to get points ex here.I found it difficult concentrating on the match when i had to play hide and seek to look for two guys somewhere in the outskirts of the map before they got a nuke although i would admit it was kind of fun hunting them down ;D

There should have been lesser reliance on killstreaks because that's just two easy imo especially if you used the 5 7 9kilstreaks which are predator missile, harrier strike and Pavlov Helicopter because if used correctly by the time you got to the predator missile you would need just one kill to get the next two killstreaks .

I managed to get one nuke but it with the amount of boosting for them there wasn't anything special about attaining one anymore so i focused just on kills and assists with my riot shield.I hope their product testing is better with the next game because if not I don't know how longer they can keep people buying before it fades like the Tony Hawk did in popularity.

TL:DR I liked the good in MW2 (call signs for challenges,graphics,sound, fun single player) but it's many flaws kept it from the greatness it should have achieved imo so 2.5 stars out of 4

and yes i was bored lol

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