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Karakuri Doji Ultimo

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Karakuri Doji Ultimo

Post by Guardian Dragon on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:46 pm

It is the 12th century in Japan, and the Bandit Chief Yamato comes across an old man. The old man introduces himself as Dr. Dunstan. He is walking along the road carrying nothing with him but two boxes. Being a bandit, Yamato naturally decides to rob the defenseless old man. His gang opens up the boxes to find two child-like dolls inside. Dunstan tells Yamato that these are no ordinary dolls. They are Ultimo and Vice. They are Karakuri Doji, robotic puppet dolls that are devoid of human emotions that cloud judgement, Ultimo representing ultimate good, and Vice representing ultimate evil. Now that Yamato has opened the boxes, Ultimo and Vice will awaken to carry out the purpose Dr. Dunstan designed them for. To battle to the death and finally determine which is the ultimate and most powerful force in the universe. Good, or evil. Ultimo awakens and pairs up with Yamato. Though they are devoid of emotion, Doji must still pair with a human master to learn about good and evil. Though he is a bandit, Yamato has a cause. He wants to fight the corrupt nobility that has been plaguing his people for years now.

Fast forward to the present day, the 21st century. The bandit Yamato has reincarnated as Agari Yamato, a high school age boy. After walking into a pawn shop one day trying to find a present for the girl he likes, Yamato runs into a strange child-like doll. Ultimo. Ultimo reawakens after centuries, and pairs with Yamato again. Yamato starts to regain memories of his past life, and recalls that Ultimo and Vice must battle it out to finally decide whether it is good or evil that it is the stronger force in the world. But that's not all. Dr. Dunstan is no normal man. He is a man that can transcend time and space. Dunstan has created more Doji, and unleashed them throughout time so that they may all take part in the fight. A 100 robot war is about to take place to determine which force is stronger. Good? Or Evil? And Yamato is now caught in the middle of it.

Are you excited about this series yet? No? Well then how about this. Dr. Dunstan was character modeled after the creator of the Ultimo series. Can you guess who it is from this picture?

That's right, the original concept idea for this manga was thought up by the living legend of Marvel comics himself, Stan Lee! And as if that's not enough, he partnered with Hiroyuki Takei to create it. Takei took care of the story and art. He previously worked as an assistant to Nobuhiro Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin, Buso Renkin, Gun Blaze West), until Takei went on to create his own series like Shaman King. Now Lee and Takei are working together to bring you Ultimo, the story that will finally decide whether good or evil is the strongest force in the universe!
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